Sylvie DESCHAMPS: This silk thread is different from the traditional American thread. Earl uses a whole thread formed by winding many threads together, so this will make the watch more resistant to the test of time, and it can even be washed. In summary, the effect of this watch is also different from American silk embroidery.

? Now, the 5X53 series welcomes four new models of titanium cases and straps. The first one has a delicate green faceplate and is a limited edition. It will be sold in Seiko flagship stores and authorized retailers worldwide from June 2020, while the other three will become Astron's regular series in July.

G.L.T., a watch brand admired and loved by gold-collared mature men, always becomes a topic in the watch world with a unique personality design, focusing on the eyes of all taste collectors. Optimistic about the rising domestic consumption power of men, with the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the brand, G.L.T. launched a limited edition commemorative watch to lock in the vision of mature men. Continuing the core idea of ​​“More than egoist” with confidence  in 2009, this fifth anniversary model has the consistent unique style of GLT. In addition to the unique nine-column belt design that has been well received this year, it is also decorated with roses on the two-way rotating bezel. The flower thorn is carved out of the image, and boldly embellished with sexy rubies at 5 o'clock in the 24-hour hand, creating an extraordinary sexy mature charm.

The bottom case of the watch adopts a dense bottom design and is equipped with a C07.111 self-winding mechanical movement. This movement can provide the watch with accurate travel time and sufficient kinetic energy reserve.

There are three crowns on the left side of the watch, the crown in the center is the crown for adjusting the time, the side of the crown is decorated with pit patterns, which is easier to grasp, and the top is decorated with the Breitling logo letter 'B'; and the watches on both sides The crown can control the timing function of the watch.

Similarly, the theme of 'Little Prince' has also been used in various fields, such as watches, and flight watches. The master watchmakers have integrated these childlike tastes into the watch, reminding you that we should never forget our original intentions before we can always.

The well-known Korean movie star River Zhiyuan was invited by Earl Piaget to come to Taiwan as Earl's ambassador, and Mr. Dimitri Gouten, President of Earl's Asia Pacific region, stepped onto the golden horse red carpet. He will also partner with Zhang Zhen as the best supporting actor and best creative short film award guest.

The metallic red rotating inner ring unique to the V8 chronograph is dazzling. This touch of passion and dynamic red complements the red Bentley 'B' logo of the Continental GT V8 sports car. The watch is equipped with a high-performance self-winding chronograph movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC). It is also equipped with Breitling's exclusive '30-second chronograph system'. The asymmetric lug design on the stainless steel case is novel and bold, and it can be matched with the Speed ​​competition stainless steel bracelet or the dynamic GMT world time rubber strap to radiate the ultimate passion between the wrists.

The 18K rhodium-plated white K gold case is set with brilliant-cut diamonds, the same material and the same luxury, a spirit snake inlaid with diamonds is coiled on the black enamel dial, during which flower branches dance, and garnet butterflies shuttle among them. Exquisite craftsmanship integrates animal-shaped watches, dial background patterns and snake-shaped brooches, highlighting the beauty and poetry of the work.

The watch is equipped with a Cartier 1904-CH MC self-winding movement. This new 11 1/2 decimeter movement is specially designed to ensure that the timing system can run steadily regardless of the level of power reserve. In fact, the double barrel on the movement ensures that the mainspring torque remains perfectly constant for a long time, and it can control and stabilize the accuracy of timing. The precision tuning system equipped with the 1904-CH MC movement brings the movement's timing accuracy to a higher level. The tuning operation is performed by Cartier watchmakers, including the careful adjustment of the 'C' type fast and slow hands. The winding system of an automatic movement is usually affected by strong external interference and affects its normal operation. In order to make up for this deficiency, the 1904-CH MC movement is equipped with ceramic ball bearings, located in the center of the rotor, to ensure that the winding system is durable.

In the 2015 Geneva Grand Watch Awards (GPHG), Ganesha watch won the best craft watch award, worth this honor, well deserved. And this watch is the only one in the world.

Apart from the air show, the Breitling Jet Team also communicated closely with the aerobatic display teams from all over the world at this air show. During the first visit to the United States, the U.S. Air Force August 1 flight demonstration team was indispensable. The continued elite pilots of the two fleets exchanged aerobatic experience with each other, and collided with many interesting ideas. They agreed to have the opportunity to cooperate in the United States in the future.

From calm and low-key to fashionable and cool, black is the color that can inspire so many different feelings. The Bulgari Octo Finissimo ceramic watch has an all-black appearance. The iconic octagonal design is simple and full of power. The combination of thinness and fortitude conveys a personality, firm and courageous temperament, and exudes a stunning beauty. At the same time, it is both practical and innovative, and it is innovative in terms of materials: both watches use high-tech materials such as sandblasted ceramic on the case, bracelet and folding clasp. Despite the extremely complicated ceramic manufacturing process, the Octo Finissimo ceramic watch still breaks through the material limitations, and is light, thin, corrosion-resistant, not easy to wear, and never fades, making it an extraordinary choice for everyday wear.